Policies demonize common behavior

Nietzsche once said, “whoever can’t hit the nail on the head should, please, not hit it at all.” The administration at this school has placed its ideology over common sense and good judgment. Students are being harassed and disrespected in order to fulfill a set of long-term goals. When the administration puts their interests in front of the students, the students must step up and demand change, because they work for us. The people who run this school have the long-term goal of making UVM one of the best public universities in the nation. Tens of millions of dollars were spent on extravagant buildings and campus policies were drastically altered. The administration hopes that the Search For a Cause policy will vanquish the party school image, root out the more extreme partiers, and eventually change the student body to their ideal. But this policy has not “hit the nail on the head.” Under this new policy, the school may enter any student’s room without their permission and without a warrant. Another student’s word is deemed enough for this search and whether you are doing homework, sleeping, having sex, showering, studying, etc. they are allowed to key open your door and walk right in. On the first day of school, the first search of this kind was conducted. The search just so happened to be based upon a lie. Because of the lie, the accused student is no longer attending UVM and must pay off $5,000 in lawyer fees. Already the policy has proven itself to be flawed and unfair to student rights and privacy. UVM’s common ground states, “We value fairness, straightforward conduct, adherence to the facts andsincerity.” Does this case seem to be fair, and did the school demonstrate straightforward conduct and adherence to the facts? This policy is absurd, unconstitutional, and not in line with reality. Although it was supposed to only be used for situations in which a student was in serious danger, it is already being used for mere odor suspicion. Anyone who thinks they can stop, or even reduce student drug or alcohol consumption with a policy like this is a fool. No matter how it is handled, the University must respect the students at all times and treat them like responsible adults instead of naughty children. Disrespecting the student population will never bring more responsible behavior, and it will only weaken the student-administration relationship. Because a student drinks or smokes pot, it does not necessarily make them any less of a valuable member of society or any worse of a student, and it certainly does not give anybody the right to disrespect them and invade their privacy.