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I couldn’t figure out how to contact you with a regular email. The following is a short article/calendar event. I am Wendy Coe and graduated from UVM in 1975. Jan 28 takes place at UVM.Conscientious Objection & Counter Recruitment Workshops: January 28 and 29, 2005 The Peace & Justice Center is bringing an educator from the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors (CCCO) (www.objector.org) to Burlington, Vermont to lead a community workshop on conscientious objection and counter-recruitment. January 28th will be a half-day workshop at UVM open to all Vermont college students and the general community. January 29th will be a half-day workshop at Burlington High School for Chittenden County high school students and the general community. All are welcome! For more information or to save a seat at the workshop, email [email protected] or call 863-2345 x3. Be sure to say which day you would like to attend. At these workshops you will learn about conscientious objection and how to establish a CO file; and learn how to do counter-recruitment work at your school and in your community. We will examine how the military recruits, how much money they spend on recruiting, why people enlist, what the military uses to “sell” enlistment, what the reality is for someone who joins, and other things one may experience while in the military such as combat, sexual harassment, racism, and homophobia. We will outline strategies for counter-recruitment work and review the process of how someone can get out of the delayed enlistment program. We will also view a short video called “Military Myths'” and learn about the work that CCCO does with AWOL Magazine. The Peace & Justice Center is also hoping that some community members would like to make the commitment to become counselors (draft counselors/CO counselors). We’ve had one person, Will Miller, in this area who has dealt with calls, but now the need is growing and we need many more people who are willing to learn what is necessary and be willing to help those in need. Please Join us.Friday 2-6pm in the Memorial Lounge, Waterman Building, UVM, South Prospect St.Saturday 1-5pm at Burlington High School.