Predator behind bars

? Former UVM student Yetha Lumumba was convicted March 9 at Vermont Superior Court in Burlington for sexually assaulting a classmate. ? Lumumba, 24, forced his victim to perform an oral sex act on the Waterfront in 2010. Prosecutors argued that the woman feared for her safety if she did not comply, according to the Burlington Free Press. ? Lumumba came to Burlington in 2004 from the Congo and now faces up to life in prison or deportation, the Free Press stated. ? Records reveal that Lumumba had 72 run-ins with the police between 2005 and 2011, according to ? Although Lumumba was a former student and the event occurred at a common downtown area, students said they were not very concerned about their own safety. ? Sophomore Cassie Harnett remembers the death of a student in 2005 on Main Street and said situations have improved. ? “Ever since then, police have really taken charge,” Harnett said. “I feel a lot safer.” ? Sophomore Elizabeth Boden said she was glad the courts convicted Lumumba. ? “It’s surprising,” Boden said. “You never really think something like this would happen.” ? Although happy Lumumba was behind bars, both Boden and sophomore Julia Chin said they felt the up to life sentence was harsh.