President to resign

In 15 months, the president’s email signature will no longer read President Daniel Mark Fogel. President Fogel announced his resignation on March 24 with plans to return as a professor of English in 2013. “It seems like the right time for me, and the right time for UVM,” he said. Fogel said he signed on as UVM’s 25th president with an agenda that would gear toward improving the University’s reputation. “I will have finished 10 years by the end of the next fiscal year, and 2002 when I came I laid out a 10-year vision,” he said. “It aimed at 2012 and here we are coming up on 2012.” Reflecting on his experience at UVM, President Fogel thinks that his biggest accomplishment has been creating a sense of pride in the University. “I wanted to turn the University around,” he said. “I knew there was a deep underlying current of quality that had always been there. We always had good students, but people didn’t feel good about the University of Vermont and it seemed like it was in a negative spiral.” Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said the state of Vermont owes President Fogel a deep debt of gratitude for his decade of service. Despite everything he was able to accomplish, President Fogel wishes that he could have strengthened the connections within the campus community. “I wish that I had been more successful at times when everyone felt that this was a ‘we’ and not an ‘us and them’ because everyone whom I know in this community, staff, faculty, students, administrators — all of us care about the academic quality of the University and its long term sustainability and liability,” he said. President Fogel said that while he has enjoyed his role as president, he looks forward to resuming a full-time professor of English. “I think returning to being a professor is very attractive to me,” he said. “I’ve been a very active teacher and scholar and I’ve tried to keep my inner faculty member alive by teaching, directing undergraduate thesis work and doing a modest amount of scholarship for someone with more than a full-time job.” See FOGEL on page 3 Brian Reed, associate provost for curricular affairs, appreciates the effort President Fogel has dedicated when it comes to the needs of the University and respects his decision to resign from his role as president. “I think his interest lies in continuing as a scholar and a teacher, and that he is an acknowledged scholar. I assume should be accepted well,” Reed said. Chief of Staff Gary Derr said he sees President Fogel’s passion as a professor on a daily basis. “I know, because he and I have talked about it, how excited he is going back into a classroom and teaching again and being able to teach Monday, Wednesday, Friday without thinking that ‘I have to be in New York for this meeting’ or something like that, but really being able to commit,” Derr said. Derr said President Fogel has joked with colleagues about potential poetry readings in his new office in Old Mill. For now, President Fogel will use the next 15 months to work toward advancing UVM in every way that he can before taking a year of administrative absence. In addition to writing a book and editing a collection of essays, he wants to play the guitar, spend more time with his wife and grandchild and catch up on reading, reported the Burlington Free Press.