Pro-life insert may reveal bias in The Cynic business office

As a member of the UVM community, I am disturbed to see the Cynic distributing propaganda with its newspapers. The “Stop the Madness” insert that I found in my copy was nothing more than that. There should be some standard that the paper maintains in “partnering” with advertisers. As a “newspaper,” you lend credibility to what you report and to what you include in your distribution. You lent your credibility to a gathering of patently false and misleading statements guised as fact and supported with “selective referencing” at best and fabrication at worst. It is rife with inflammatory narratives that lead to false generalizations. While students may disregard this insert entirely (obvious from seeing them strewn throughout campus), I believe that those who do attend to this message may be either forming or supporting opinions not based in fact or in the position of needing information and getting it from a source that is not only biased, but predatory. In either case, it is potentially harmful. If the paper needs funding so badly that it cannot be selective or there exists the belief that selectivity in advertising is somehow biased, I suggest that a sizeable, front page, above the fold note be affixed indicating that the contents are a paid advertisement and for whom they are paid. The tiny, ill-contrasting disclaimer was entirely insufficient as was any identification of the publisher/advertiser.