Prof. Winter is off track

To the Editor:It was just about one year ago that English Professor Kari Winter distinguished herself by slandering a student (officer in the College Democrats) and his professor (advisor to the College Democrats)by hurling the name “nazi” in their direction. At the time, I thought it was absolutely outrageous for a professor to make a personal attack on a student. Now this same professor has made a personal attack on a fellow colleague in a public forum. I can barely resist the urge to heat up my keyboard with a response. I find myself at a loss for just how to proceed here, given so many opportunities. Should I point out the fact that her slanderous elevator outburst made a farce of the “reason, scientific observation and historical accuracy” she extolled in her latest masterpiece? (The “enlightened discourse of reason is incompatible” with waving the bloody swastika at each opportunity!) Perhaps I should focus on the very irrationality of her letter. On the one hand she attacks a member of the faculty for expressing his view on the war, and on the other she uses the final sentence to praise the right, indeed, the patriotic duty of citizens to express their views. (Apparently this right does not extend to professors with whom Prof. Winter disagrees.) I could even point out the grammatical errors in her letter. (Not only does Prof. Winter not have a clue about politics, she appears to have issues with the English language as well!) I have enjoyed many courses taught by professors with whom I disagree, and I will continue to do so. I will not, the freezing over of Hell notwithstanding, knowingly register for any class taught by Prof. Winter. She is so thoroughly unprofessional and mean spirited to those with whom she disagrees, I don’t believe she could give someone like me a fair grade. The most telling part of Prof. Winter’s letter is the fact that she managed to misspell the name of her target. There is only one “f” in “Kaufman”. -Guillaume McDowell Class of 2003