Proposed new Center for Health and Wellbeing

A proposal for a new health care center could mean construction on Athletic Campus.President Fogel’s envisioned “Student Success Center,” a new Center for Health and Wellbeing (CHWB) that would include general student care, the women’s health center, athletic medicine and physiological services, Kate Ash, former vice president of SGA, said.Ash said that she is frustrated because building a new CHWB would create a $100 increase to the current fee that students pay for the current CHWB.The current student health fee is $544 and next year, it’s expected to rise to $570.If the new CHWB were built, the $100 would make the fee $670 whether you have student insurance or not, Ash said.Although fees would increase for students, a new CHWB is a necessity because the current medical center has simply run out of space, Jon Porter, director of the CHWB, said.”In our current medical area we are busting at the seam,” Porter said. “We don’t have extra rooms at this point to see patients. Even if I wanted to add another medical clinician, I just wouldn’t have room for them — we’ve grown out of our space.”A new center would also tighten communication among all of the services because CHWB services are currently located in eight different sites, Porter said.”It’s really a quality issue over time.” Porter said. “Students have more significant needs, and from our vantage point we want to make sure that we take the best care of them possible.”This is not the first time a proposal for a new CHWB has been brought up. In 1998 and in 2004, SGA proposed a resolution for a new CHWB but it didn’t pass, Ash said.”The tipping point here is how are we measuring the quality of the services that are already being provided to us?” Ash said. “If not, how do we have the justification for improving them? What exactly are our priorities?”As of now, the board is reviewing the proposal.”In terms of priorities and being realistic, it’s a tough financial environment to really make this go,” Porter said.The new CHWB would be approximately $13.8 million, Ash said.Although Ash said she agrees there is a need for the new building, she has some concerns.Ash said that she is primarily concerned about why the University wants this new building.”Is this center being created purely out of need or is this something being done out of prestige or wanting recognition for a new LEED building for a diverse, vibrant, healthy student body?” she said.