Protestors storm Israeli ballet at FlynnSpace

Protestors holding a banner stood in front of the FlynnSpace stage on Friday night during a performance by the Israeli Ballet.”They were saying ‘no tutu is big enough to hide war crimes.’ Then security or maybe people in the audience tried tearing down the posters,” sophomore Alexandra Raymond said.Raymond, who was in the audience, said she thought the protest may have gotten aggressive.The incident was short-lived and minor, although it appears to be occuring at many of the Israel Ballet’s stops, FlynnSpace Artistic Director Arnie Malina said.”The whole thing lasted about three minutes. The dancers did not stop, they just continued dancing,” Malina said.After an usher, a volunteer, and an Israel Ballet company member escorted the two protestors out of the building, it was over, Malina said.The Israel Ballet travels internationally, boasting the same Artistic Directors as when it was founded in 1967, according to its website.