Ram, Bryan Win SGA Elections

Students at the University of Vermont chose their new SGA administration on Tuesday, March 27, and Wednesday, March 28. Candidates Kesha Ram and DaVaughn Bryan ran away with the election. Election results came in Wednesday night, with Ram taking 502 votes and Bryan taking 645 votes. The vote count gave both Ram and Bryan a clear majority over the other candidates seek-ing the presidency and vice presidency. “Oh my God, stress almost got to us. In the end we probably won’t have pneumonia until Saturday,” said John Colin-Quinn, a campaign worker for Ram and Bryan. When asked what he was doing when he found out he won, Bryan said, “I was cleaning my room for all the guests to come over.” According to Ram, when she heard she won she started squealing with joy. The two ran as a ticket, and won as a ticket. “Co-presidents, that’s our first step. Also, making a more egalitarian SGA,” Ram said. “There are going to be some drastic changes in how SGA functions,” Bryan said. Ram is advocating for a relationship with Bryan that has them acting as co-presidents. “Both DaVaughn Bryan and I are capable lead-ers, and are both passionate about a lot of different things,” Ram said. “We’re just the best team out there, there is no power structure involved.” The Ram and Bryan ticket also makes history at UVM. “This is the first ALANA co-presidency. It’s fabulous,” Ram said. Ram and Bryan also made history in SGA by spear-heading with Sam Maron and Ajay Schmidt a committee addressing diversity and environmental equity issues. The new committee will be an official body with the ses-sion of SGA on April 17. Both Ram and Bryan have changes that they would like to make to the set-up and communication between SGA and the student body. Ram has brought forth the suggestion that SGA will e-mail to the student body all of the bills from SGA. The president- and vice president-elect brought many other changes forth during the campaign. “It’s for a more visible SGA,” Bryan said. “The students need to hear, see, be part of every decision that is made.” Ram and Bryan have also suggested the possibility of student forums with them throughout the next year. “We’re in Vermont, the home of town meetings,” Ram said. When asked what issues will be brought to light in the next year, Ram said, “Anything the student body is concerned about. The main hot-button issues right now are diversity and the environment.” Ram and Bryan will take office along with the new body of SGA senators at the April 17 meeting of SGA.