Ram to run for Vt. Statehouse

SGA President Kesha Ram is looking to take her political career to Montpelier by running for a seat in the Vermont House.Ram spoke of her plans to run at the College Democrats meeting on Thursday night. “I think the person who represents this district should know what’s going on on-campus.” Ram said. The two-seat Chittenden 3-4 voting district that Ram will be running in encompasses the bulk of UVM’s campus and surrounding areas heavily populated by UVM students. Currently Reps. David Zuckerman and Chris Pearson hold the district’s seats. Zuckerman and Pearson are both members of the Progressive Party and both UVM alumni, according to the Vermont Progressive Party’s web site. “I would be curious to know what she thinks she brings to the table” Pearson said. Both of us [Pearson and Zuckerman] are on campus quite a bit, Pearson said. Pearson has served in the Vermont House since he replaced Bob Kiss when Kiss became Burlington’s mayor in April of 2006. Zuckerman has held his seat since 1998 and chairs the House Agriculture Committee. In 2006 Zuckerman and Pearson ran unopposed. “I probably have to get used to this whole who are you and why are you running thing,” Ram said during her speech to the College Democrats. UVM students running for seats in the Vermont House is not unheard of. Representative Rachel Weston was a graduate student, and president of the Graduate Student Senate at UVM when she ran for and took her seat in 2006. “I want to make sure students feel enfranchised,” Ram said. Ram is not a stranger to the Statehouse, Ram said she currently has legislation working its way through the House concerning the establishment of an environmental justice policy for the state. “She is clearly a very accomplished person,” former SGA President Seth Bowden said. The position of SGA president is what you make of it and obviously she has worked very hard Bowden said Ram is a native to Los Angeles but has spent he college career in Vermont. “Where she is geographically from begins to pale in comparison to her work” SGA Vice President Davaughn Vincent-Bryan said. “Vermont is the kind of place where politics is really accessible,” Ram said when asked by the College Democrats what made her decide to run. She also said that she doesn’t think uncontested elections are very democratic. Ram cited how it would be hard to “rub up against the old boy network that exists in any statehouse” Students on campus were largely ignorant of Rams plans when interviewed. “I think it would be good to get a younger person” Joe Fraker a UVM sophomore and College Democrat said. “I never heard of her in my life, I would have to look her up” freshman Bryan Petrow said. “From what I’ve seen of her she’s quite intelligent…she should go for it” sophomore Mari Diouf said.Ram said she plans to have a kick-off celebration in March with speakers including Rachel Weston and Davaughn Vincent-Bryan.