Ramble On

To the Editor: I would like to address Joe Thibault for a moment. Joe, your ‘foreword’ was as inane as it was long. I have however gleaned from it some interesting information. I now, for instance, understand better why most politicians have writers compose what it is they ‘speak.’ You would have benefited from an editor or a stylebook. I am neither of these things, though I am a cynical jerk. Your first sentence is incomplete; your second doesn’t increase anyone’s shaky faith in your competence as a president. If you’re subjecting everyone to your abuse of power, you might proofread before zapping 7,000 emails across campus, or have the good people at the Cynic (two doors down from your sprawling office) do this for you. Also, it’s not good form to ask readership to “bear with [you], as long as this is,” especially not in the first paragraph of a 900 word e-mail. Let’s also come to terms with the reality that not all of your tips are ” good information.” In fact, you don’t really say anything! After citing yourself in your second paragraph, you proceed to “thoroughly bore [us] all.” Thanks. Your tips were not thought out. On a holiday such as Halloween, it’s tough to not let parties “spill out onto the porch” seeing as how that’s where most trick-or-treating is done. But you were right-on in stressing the need to be good neighbors during times of party. Parties are known to be community builders. And good behavior is important, you’re right.