Rape Posters Cause Stir On-Campus

Walking around campus, students can’t help but notice the eye-catching fliers tacked to the bulletin boards: at first, all you can read is “men rape.” At a closer look, in between the lines in much smaller type, it says “can stop.” Another flier says simply, “she fears you.” These posters do not have an identifying campus group on them; the only name is “Troy Headrick.” He is encouraging “women & men” to attend his meeting (to help stop rape) on Monday, April 9. The individual behind this poster has the right idea in mind; however, there must be a better way to reach UVM students with his message. To purposefully put such a dramatic phrase to catch a person’s eye is simply out of good taste. Some men do rape; this is a horrible and violent crime, which is not to be trivialized. But this sweeping accusation isn’t helping the situation at all. An average male student reading this poster is probably the least likely to attend this meeting; he’s been accused of committing a violent crime. By using such drastic measures, this individual is pushing away the very people they need to reach the most. The solution to the problem of rape is not to teach fear. Women should not be taught that men are the enemy, and all they do is strike fear in the hearts of women everywhere. The solution is education — bringing together both men and women in an open discussion. Not all men rape, and not all women fear men. Teaching that this is the case for both genders creates a greater rift than might have been there before. These posters do more harm than good; they only encourage greater divisions among the sexes.