Redstone Apartment Tragedy

I read Nicholas Rahaim’s excellent summary of the Resdtone Apartments tragedy and wished to add the following commentary.It may seem to some as overkill that the University is installing Carbon Monoxide detectors in all its buildings regardless of the fact that they are steam heated and at no risk from Carbon Monoxide emanating from that same system but I would suggest that this is an exteremly wise precaution.The experience that can be learned from an occurence several years ago when staff within the then newly built Chittenden Bank building opposite the State House in Montpelier came down with illnesses which, it was suspected , were caused by materials or systems used within that new building.There was a lot of initial resistance to their claims but , from what I can recall, eventually their illnesses were acknowledged and there there were a lot of tests carried out over several years on air quality, carpets and so on which could not point conclusively to any offending source.Eventually it was determiined that the an air intake placed within the confines of the cavernous covered drive through section of the bank was sucking in Carbon Monoxide into the building !! Some architectural blunder that was, for sure.From my persepctive I am appalled that this situation lingererd for such an unacceptable amount of time without this rather obvious source being traced but it does illustrate nevertheless that EXTERNAL sources of this deadly gas need to be considered.Care needs to be taken with sources of Carbon Monoxide, particularly in a University environment where dormitory buildings are adjacent to service areas and where trucks back up between buildings and their engines are left idling sometimes for extended periods of time underneath open windows which allow the offending gas to be funneled into dorms. Such was the case in my daughter’s dorm right adjacent to the loading docks at the E Block of Living Learning in her freshman year.Companies that deliver to UVM need to be told that they will not be able to deal with UVM if they do not shut off their engines in areas of risk such as this and a completely in depth analysis needs to be carried out of every area in which a vehicle which produces toxic emissions can potentially be parked adjacent to buildings, especially neatr air intakes, mechanical or free flow and these areas should be designated as no parking zones. If there is to be any legacy to this horrible incident then it should be that the young man that perished and those that suffered be honored by ensuring as absolutely as possible that this never reoccur. The UVM administration has shown that it takes seriously the enormous trust that we parents put in their hands for the safety of our daughters and sons and does seem to be making a completely genuine attempt to do this and I commend them and urge them to not leave a single potential risk explored.SincerelyJ.Dylan Rivis12 St Paul StMontpelier VT 056028022231422 [Do not publish]