Redstone Apartments embezzlement scandal

The property manager of the Redstone Apartments sits alone in the spacious office where last year there were three employees. The manager, Suzanne LaJoice, is new to the Redstone Apartments, replacing Kim Barup who left abruptly last spring. UVM police are currently investigating embezzlement allegations in connection with the former Redstone Apartments’ management, according to UVM police detective, Officer Timothy Bilodeau. “The owners filed the complaint…and I have done some audits,” Bilodeau said. The Redstone Apartments are located next to the UVM Redstone campus on land owned by the University and leased to the private company Novarr-Mackesey of Ithaca, N.Y. according to the UVM website. The owner, John Novarr, had no comment.One tenant who lived in the Redstone apartments during the 2005-2006 school year said the Bilodeau asked her to make a statement about two separate $250 cash payments that she made for a parking permit. According to the tenant, who asked to remain anonymous, Bilodeau told her that these payments were never deposited in the bank, and that the same is true of other tenants’ permits, paid for in cash. However, this same tenant, along with roommate Felicia Wilson, cites a violation of their lease as the reason for Barup’s and the other two office employee’s departure last spring. According to the tenant, the lease stipulated that the apartment would be rented to four female undergraduate students only. However, when one of the four women moved out, she was replaced by a Jarrett, a 28-year-old male not affiliated with the University, Wilson said.According to Wilson, it was Jarrett’s statement that Barup had approved his placement in the apartment that led to Barup’s dismissal. Leanne Field oversees the Redstone Apartments from the New York office and, according to Wilson, was in the Redstone Apartments office when Jarrett made this statement. “Leanne said Kim was fired,” Wilson said. However Leanne Field did not return phone calls to verify this statement.The assistant property manager at this time said neither she nor Barup knew about Jarrett, and that they found out when the Mailman saw the name while putting the mail in. She also said that Barup was not fired, but left to work for a friend in Maine. The manager also asked to remain anonymous, with the rationale that Novarr-Mackesey is a “really, really nasty company.”The investigation is “not concluded at this point…No one has been charged,” Bilodeau said. The Redstone Apartments house about 200 people, the majority of which are UVM students.