Reefer Madness back at UVM

The University of Vermont is back again on the Princeton Review’s list for Reefer Mad?ness, the list of schools with the most prevalent use of marijuana. UVM is number three on the list, following Warren Wilson College in North Carolina and Bard College in New York. The University also makes an appearance on the lists for Best Northeastern Colleges, a list of the top 222 schools in the Northeast, and Colleges with a Conscience, “81 Great Schools with Outstanding Community Involvement,” according to the Princeton Review Web site. UVM, however, does not rank in the top 20 on any other party school lists. The rankings were compiled after review?ing thousands of student surveys from hun?dreds of schools across the country, according to Princeton Review. Students reported to College Prowler, a col?lege guidebook for prospective students that “continually aims to be the most accurate, com?plete and honest.” Students reported that at UVM, “there is pot just about everywhere.” “It’s Vermont, what do you expect? Reefer-madness. Vermont is notorious for ‘good’ mari?juana,” one student on College Prowler said. Another contributor said, “I heard that the administration is trying to crack down on the pot smoking, but I would say that it’s easier to get drugs than to get alcohol if you’re under 21.” Professor Andrew Golub, who teaches a Drugs and Society course at UVM, is “not sur?prised … UVM, Vermont, Burlington, they all have this reputation as a long standing center for marijuana use … This association is memo?rialized down on Church Street with the tie-dyed ‘Groovy UVY’ t-shirts. “There is an effort to have UVM be consid?ered a serious academic institution, and not a party and drug country club,” Golub said. “UVM is cracking down on students who are known to be involved with drug use.” Golub said that he thinks marijuana use at UVM is actually decreasing, but that the increased efforts of the University police to catch drug users makes it seem that use is on the rise. “The ranking is a bold statistic that upholds the reputation that UVM has had for many years. The marijuana scene helps them attract thousands of applicants every year, so how can it be a bad thing?” sophomore Maria Tiberii said.