Reggaet??n duo brings listeners back Down to Earth

Artist: Alexis y FidoAlbum: Down to EarthRating: 3 out of 5WITHOUT THE FIRST LINE, THIS IS AN AWESOME LEDE.Titled “Down to Earth” in appropriate Spanglish fashion, reggaetón artists Alexis y Fido’s new album really will bring its listeners’ feet down to the earth — to dance.Following the current trend in reggaetón music, the songs have a Eurodance, electronica feel, Like many of their contemporaries in the urban music scene, the use of voice synthesizers becomes apparent from the opening track “Muévelo.” Upon giving “Muévelo” a good listen — and an inevitable dance — listeners will get the perfect taste of the flavor of the new Alexis y Fido creation.However, their raw vocal talents still shine through, along with their emotional sides.As in their prior album, Alexis y Fido collaborate with artist Toby Love yet again to create another ballad, “No Debe Tocarte.” Although not as fun of a listen as their first collaboration about heartbreak, “Soy Igual Que Tú,” it discusses physical and emotional abuse in romantic relationships: “No te trata como él debe, mujer/No debe tocarte otra vez” (“He doesn’t treat you like he should, girl/He shouldn’t ever touch you again.”)Newly released single “Ojos Que No Ven” touches on the heavy issue of infidelity — however, this song is arguably the most danceable track on the album. Leave it to Alexis y Fido to turn a gloomy subject into a beat for getting down.