reponce to crack out

In response to my little friend of philosophies from last weeks article, let me convey the following ideas. A rant is a rant, please don’t respond to something someone writes if you are going to extrapalate a philosophy on top of it. This action could not be more representative of the people I was talking about in the article. Just because you read a book does not mean you are an enlightened person. I’m not saying I am, and that is precisely my position. As we all know the search for truth is really just pulling the wool over our eyes. I have taken the class of which you are referencing (which I had the stunning and sweedish MRS. Baruth as a prof.)I can tell you are a student of this class because you regurgetate well, but probably have no idea what the hell you are reading. Let me say that when Emmanuel Levinas was talking about comprehension and understanding, he was not talking about people like me having rant against ISO idiots. NO ONE LIKES GETTING A POLITICAL IDEAOLOGY SHOVED IN THEIR FACE EVERY DAY. He was talking about the solidarity of the self in relation to the other, the fact that we may attempt to comprehend but can never understand the other. I, on the other hand, was merely taking a shot at the political involvedness of an otherwise by and large apathetic and misinformed group…College Kids. The idealism of the young is the foolish optimism of an old man that ends his days in denial. My message to you: Heidegger became a natzi, so take that and shove it with your book knowlege you loser.