Resident Inconvenience

To the Editor: My RA has gone from being the best one imaginable to someone who put my name in a police record negatively, got someone removed off the floor and one who no longer deals with issues. (S)he just simply tells us we are threatening her/him and backs away from any conversation. First of all, at the beginning of the year, things were great. I honestly thought (s)he was the best. (S)he stated the rules clearly and I followed them. If I did not favor a rule, I felt more than welcome to see or contact her/him whenever desirable. (S)he even showed me a picture of this kid who wanted to get her/him fired last year and I laughed and made fun of him. I even said, joking around, that I should find him and kick his butt. OBVIOUSLY I WAS NOT GOING TO DO THAT-JUST SO YOU KNOW. (S)he would even walk around on the floor for a door open policy and give us candy if we had our door open. If you know me at all, you know I loved that. As the year progressed, my floor, including myself, attended hockey games together, which was very enjoyable. I loved them until something happened. The floor started to separate and it was at the fault of the RA. (S)he became good friends with a resident. I’m not sure if I am supposed to say names, so I will not. Her/him and this resident used to go to games early and save seats for everyone until they stopped for some reason. This did not make me feel very welcome, but I got over it. It was not that big of a deal. The year progressed some more and (s)he apparently felt very open with us. At one point, (s)he very specifically described and detailed to me and at least one other person in my room, a hockey player, how (s)he and other girls had sex. This I thought was very sick and disgusting. I did laugh at first, but wasn’t able to sleep very comfortably that night. I would rather not go into detail. I would just describe it as her/him pleasuring a girl. As defined by several other RA’s, this could be defined as sexual harassment. Soon after, (s)he got herself/himself a significant other and was no longer to be found. The two or three times I did knock on her/his door, even when it said (s)he was not there, (s)he answered several minutes later, presenting herself/himself very poorly with the significant other on the bed looking very similar. Mark my word-I SWEAR TO G-D, I do not lie. My RA then soon got power urges against me and other residents and after we wrote excellent critiques about her/him for the RA survey, our relationship went straight downhill. I no longer felt welcome to contact or see her/him and (s)he started to lie about different situations such as her/his meeting with other RAs and them saying stuff they did not. S(he) also told me I was aggressive and threatening, which was completely absurd. This is just one example of how (s)he blows situations out of proportion. (Throwing her/his hands up when (s)he is at least five feet away from me and saying “I feel threatened, I am going to take a step back”). NO ONE HAS EVER TOLD ME THAT. Currently, one-fourth of the residents either don’t really know her/him or don’t even see her/him, one-fourth are friends with her/him, one-fourth hate her/him and one-fourth don’t care cause they don’t interact with her/him. YES, THERE ARE 4/4 represented here. I hope something gets done and I really hope the RA either improves as an RA or is not an RA. This is ridiculous and I hope this school that is looking to gain a better reputation about itself takes some sort of action. I am continuously being sent e-mails by complex coordinators telling me how great of an RA (s)he is, yet no one I talk to seems to think so. I was even threatened by one of the coordinators in an e-mail. If I was my RA, this complex coordinator would have police banging at his/her door. It is interesting how the people who interact with my RA think (s)he is horrible, yet the people for whom (s)he does all the paperwork and suck up to, love her/him. For this reason among others, this school will be losing a scholar, gentleman, the #1 hockey fan and an alumnus kid. Thank You.Joshua KliglerClass of 2006