ResLife hangs up on landlines

Recently, the Inter-Residence Association (IRA) passed a resolution in support of the removal of landline phones in residence dorms in the 2009-2010 school year.The idea was initially introduced by Director of Residential Life Stacey Miller, who launched the idea in a presentation to the IRA General Body.Over the past five years, landline usage has plummeted due to the increase in cell phones, Miller said. Last spring, 96 percent of college students claimed that they owned a cell phone.According to IRA Student Advocacy Chair Peter Cesiro, Residential Life currently pays over one million dollars on landlines. If eliminated, Residential Life will have an average savings of $500,000 a year. “I think not having landlines is better,” freshman Francesca Minervini said. “It will save UVM a lot of money.” According to the resolution, rather than having a landline option in every dorm room, 178 phones will be installed in the residence corridors to provide emergency and courtesy phone service for residents. “Most people don’t need a landline phone unless it’s an emergency,” Miller said.Options for long-distance and voicemail codes will still be available, Cesiro said. If a student decides to call long-distance, the minutes will be billed to their account, he said. “I dropped my cell phone in the toilet, so I got the landline,” freshman Britny Alvarado said.