Response to “One drink rape”

Normally I’m not one to respond to The Cynic. However, today I felt compelled to do so after reading Mr. Sam Lavallee’s piece titled “One drink rape.” I was both dismayed and amused after I finished reading it. I was dismayed at the complete and utter lack of understanding Mr. Lavallee has in regards to sexual assault policy on this campus. In the quotes he provided within the article, nowhere does it read that a woman is incapable of giving consent after “she has had one drink or puff.” Rather, the University makes it clear that a woman or man cannot give consent if he/she is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This article would have benefited from real research instead of personal interpretations of a worthwhile University policy. Mr. Lavallee’s conclusion to his opinion piece was written with only ignorance and stereotypes in mind. His offensive language such as “trying to pull tail down at the bars” and “your legal standings may depend on how bad her hangover is the next morning” are ridiculous and shameful at best. When I worked for a rape crisis line at UNH, I never came in contact with a person who pressed charges against an assailant due to “a bad hangover.” It is sad that the author actually believes this occurs. I urge the UVM and greater Burlington community to speak out against the statements Mr. Lavallee has put forth in The Vermont Cynic.