Response to Socialist Critique

I would like to express my distaste at Frank Sachetti’s “The Worst Dollar I Ever Spent.” Make no mistake; I entirely agree that the tactics used by the ISO around Burlington are in no way persuasive to their cause, often a deterrent to my entering the library or passing by Homeport on Church Street, and a matter of confusion as to their goals. Despite the alignment of views on this topic, there was one comment made in the article that turned my understanding smile to a frown and a desire to write this letter. The phrase “crazy credentials” was inappropriate and alienating to the disability community. UVM prides itself on it’s acceptance of and programs for students with disabilities, and language like this in a school publication certainly doesn’t fall in line with those goals. Being a Burlington resident I take pride in the fact that we are a city that accepts people with disabilities as part of our community, and does not dismiss them as unwanted and “fanatical.” While the language was very strong concerning the Socialists, one chooses to be Socialist; one does not choose to have a mental illness.I hope in the future the editors and writers at The Cynic will be more sensitive. While this article missed Disability Awareness Month by a day, I hope the message wasn’t lost that quickly.Jillian KilpatrickIncoming Student, Spring 2006