Response to the Sorority Shootdown

I go to school at Syracuse University, where greek life is held in high regard. Don’t mistake this as a letter defending from the inside of sorority doors however – I am a sophomore at SU and I am not in a house. However, most of my friends, both from home and SU, have become involved in sororities, and if there is one thing I have learned, it is this, Ms. McGuiness:Being a “sorority girl” is not a personality, and holding a Gucci bag isn’t a branding tool to spot these girls. My best friend happens to go to UVM, and she is neither a “sorority girl” nor a Gucci poster child… but yet, she is in a sorority. I think you need to revise your attitude towards greek life. If you have questions, I am sure anyone would be happy to answer them, but directly attacking the girls is not the way to solve your problem. Maybe your animosity towards these letter-wearing ladies comes from your lack of a bid (don’t get offended – i didn’t get a bid from a house here, but I’m not bitching about it in my school paper). If so, think about it. Maybe if you have this attitude now, no one sees you an an asset to their house, on account of you have a shitty outlook. Don’t bash greek life. Cuz OBVIOUSLY every sorority girl has five fraternity boys to track you down – that is, if there is such thing as a “sorority girl”. Peace from SU -Jani German