Outdoor Movie Fest: Free movie shown last Monday night on Redstone Green”The Goonies! What a great choice. We brought our own Ben + Jerry’s and totally pigged out.”- Emily Rak, 18.Soakin’ Up the Laughs: Improv Comedy by The Soapflakes in North Lounge”WEAK. I’m a theatre major so I went. But it would’ve been better if there were more people in the audience. It was pretty bad; there were like, 15 of us there. Nobody was laughing. So I was disappointed because the energy just wasn’t good and I felt bad for the performers. They should have publicized that event way more.” -Greer Lanzet, 18.Bar-B-Que on Redstone Green: “They had all kinds of burgers and gave away free mugs, beachballs, beads and lots of other stuff. I think they even had a raffle for free ski passes. They had a whiplash machine and that was crazy. The music was good too- like Phish-type style from a DJ.” -Liz Stubbs, 18.”I think it was a complete waste of time and money. The music could’ve been a little more varied. I haven’t heard any rap at this school- it’s been all jam bands. Put something else in. The food was OK…lots of dead cow and bread.” -Nick Denefe, 19.”The Barbeque was awesome. I loved it and the food was nice. The music needed to be more diverse, though. They had all these different clubs set up and you could sign up for the things you wanted to join. That’s a good way to do it and get people involved. For example, I signed up for the Dance Team.” -Adama Gidado, 19.”The food at the barbeque was cool but I heard a rumor that it wasn’t that free. Someone told me that money was taken out the RAs’ accounts to pay for it, like without them knowing about it. So I don’t think I paid for that but you never can be too sure here.” -James Stevens, 18.The Big Scoop: Week of Welcome staff gave away free ice cream in front of Royal Tyler theatre”Oh my god, so good. The only thing they needed was more ice-cream. They also gave away a lot of Baby Ruth candy bars. I’ve had so much Baby in my life except for these past 2 weeks. They should keep giving away free candy and ice-cream all year long.” -Liz Stubbs, 18A Night at the Dive-In: Watch “Jaws” while simultaneously swimming in the pool at the Patrick Gym- weird, right?”I didn’t go; I don’t think anybody went to that. I heard it was kind of lame.” -Rich Smith, 18.”That sounded like a great idea. Kind of clever and all … Interesting. I think it’s great that the school has all these activities for first-years, especially for those that are from out of state. It really helps them get to know the area and know Burlington. I would’ve gone to more events if I wasn’t so busy setting up my dorm room, a.k.a. The Sanctuary.” -Sam Cloutier, 18Coffee, Coffee, Buzz, Buzz: Score free coffee from the WOW staff around campus”It was really very cool and you couldn’t miss it. I need coffee in the A.M. so I loved it. The people were friendly and they gave you coffee on your way to your first class.” -Greer Lanzet, 18.The Matrix: Watch it for free downtown on Church Street”It wasn’t what I expected. It was nice that you could see it for free and stuff but it was really uncomfortable. They should show free movies on the grass somewhere, not on cement. And there weren’t even any chairs.” -Rich Smith, 18The Freshmen Induction Ceremony: Light a candle for 12.8 seconds and feel united with 1,500 other people.”Tacky and yet another waste of time. We sat there for 40 minutes, lit a candle for 2 minutes. We could have done some thing that was more productive.” -Nick Denefe, 19.”That was the only thing I wasn’t satisfied with. It was kind of dumb. It was anti-climatic because as soon as you lit the candle you had to blow it out. And you couldn’t even hear the speaker. That event didn’t bring anyone together at all.” -Emily Rak, 18.UVM Rocks the House: Hear The Kent Variety and The Flo play in North Lounge”That was really good. One of our friends is in The Flo so we went and we were dancing our asses off. The only drawback was the smell factor because everybody was really sweating in there! For next year, I would recommend more music events for the freshmen. And WOW should advertise better.” -Libby Meehan, 18.UVM Night at the Expos: Watch Vermont’s Minor league baseball team, The Expos, play at Centennial Field for free “I would have really liked to have gone to that. But I didn’t hear about it until it was too late. They should have advertised that event more.” -Rich Smith, 18.Orientation: First couple days before classes. Get oriented with UVM and all the different clubs, rules, etc.”It could’ve been better if you didn’t have to go to each event and lecture. Some of those speeches and skits were really lame. Like the skit about the dangers of date-rape that I had to see in Ira Allen Chapel. I’m sorry, but by the time I’m 18, I don’t need to be told that date-rape is bad. Yeah, no shit it’s bad. That skit was a waste of my time.” -James Stevens, 18