Rosenthal Needs to Get a Grip

To the Editor: In Keith Rosenthal’s letter, Keith said he has been called “a f-ing commie” and told to “rot in hell” while selling the Socialist Worker, and that this was intimidation, bordering on assault. That expression does not constitute intimidation. It’s an expression of irritation, and one that I can sympathize with when people relentlessly shove propaganda at me. The situation gets even worse when these individuals are so self-righteous as to insist that those who disagree with them are uneducated and wrong, even if there is evidence to the contrary. Keith stated, “I write these lines not in self-pity. I freely bear this cross of defilement and malice for the liberation . . . When one out of four American children cry out in hunger every night, it is my name I hear emitted from their lips.” No wonder people don’t respect the ISO, when their more prominent members can be so arrogant as to berate people for their ignorance while at the same time comparing themselves to Jesus. The problems in the world are many, and they aren’t going to be solved by whining that people with money should spend it more charitably. In case you haven’t noticed, many of the ignorant ones beneath you tend to either react with hostility to such annoyances or simply ignore them.Charlie MartinClass of 2004