Scareshack’ startles at Nightmare Vermont

Greek Life chapters spook thrill-seekers through Nightmare Vermont’s most chilling new feature, the “ScareShack.” “Nightmare is an interactive Haunted house that partners with South Burlington Rotary to bring an alcohol and drug free event to local youth at this sometimes-destructive time of year”, South Burlington Rotary representative Lynda Camire said. “The event also raises money for Rotary, which then channels it back into the community with our donations.” Nightmare Vermont, which runs from Oct. 21-30, has built a reputation for cinema-level visual effects, engaging characters, and wild Halloween fun, according to the Nightmare Vermont website. This year, the event will be taking place in abandoned airport-owned houses that are scheduled to be torn down in the near future, Nightmare Vermont representative Lynda Camire said. This year, like years past, Greek Life is participating in the event. The chapters who are helping this year are Pi Kappa Alpha (Pike), Alpha Delta Pi (ADPi), Kappa Alpha Theta (Theta) and Kappa Sigma (Kappa Sig). “I’m really excited for Theta to be helping out at Nightmare Vermont this year, Theta President Britney Scancarella said, “It’s an exciting and fun way to help out during the Halloween season” The Greeks will be participating in the ScareShack, a new feature that is all haunted house, Britney said. “The shack requires a good number of people to operate, Kappa Sig President Peter Andriakos said. “This fact makes it ideal for Kappa Sigma and other fraternities and sororities at UVM, as we already have a group of unified men and women capable of fulfilling the number requirement. Having a tight knit bunch of greeks running the shack makes for a much smoother event.” The ScareShack was designed to be more intense then past haunted houses. This is the place you want to be for more blood, guts and gore, Lynda said. “Pike volunteered at Nightmare Vermont this past Friday night, after going through scare tactics training,” Pike senior Benoit Trotter said. “We spent the night scaring the hell out of whoever dared come into our ScareShack. It was a ton of fun and we were real happy to be able to help out.” Tour groups are informed of the abduction of a young girl named Angie, Scancarella said. The participants are given a key that they are told they must use to help free her. Along the way they encounter a serial killer and religious cult. The doors to hell unleashed countless demons and dark mystical creatures. “The ScareShack would not be happening without the help of Greeklife,” Camire said. “We are totally grateful for all their work, completely thankful.”