Score4thePlanet ssxy project for EarthDay and beyond

Hello VC Editors,Here is the press release on the Score4thePlanet ssxy project for EarthDay and beyond. For more info see WWW.SCORE4THEPLANET.ORG or call me at 303.818.5199. Thanks for your coverage of this action!For All The Life That Lives To Love, Stele E. Ely /friend of VC3455 Stanford Ave., Boulder, CO 80305 [email protected]: A Ssxy Pledge 4 EarthDayScore4thePlanet is a ssxy EarthDay action that asks lovers worldwide to pledge 4% or more of their time* and/or income back to our planet in return for the best ssx possible.To participate in Score4thePlanet, individuals are asked to print-out, sign and post the Score4thePlanet environmental goals at home and/or at work. Once they have met their goals, signers are invited to “enjoy the reward of some sweet, deep ssx with another consenting adult, or on their own”.Plus, those who meet their monthly environmental goals can also receive steamy SpecieEros thank-yous “from various life-forms of our planet”, or sizzling FutureEros thank-yous “from the adults of tomorrow”.According to Score4thePlanet, “Making love on an Earth that has silkier air, crystalline water and cleaner dirt because of your environmental actions can be huge turn-on. Plus, environmental life-style choices help reduce pollutants that can make great ssx impossible due to the spectrum of physiological influences they can have on us – including hormone imbalance.” Score4thePlanet also says, “If the life-forms of our planet, and the adults of the future could thank us – and kiss us all over – for our environmental actions that help protect their homes and their lives, they certainly would.””Therefore, the SpecieEros and FutureEros writers, artists and musicians compose the ssxy thank-yous from the perspective of these species and future peoples to give to those who are helping protect our Earth with their day-to-day actions. The composers use their knowledge, intuition, and wit to compose these thank-yous.”Participants are invited to join an online forum where they can “connect” with other ssxy Score4thePlanet signers and qualify for prizes.Score4thePlanet’s target is to get 444,444 lovers of the planet to post their Score4thePlanet Tribe, Art, Logic and Passion goals in public by 2008. is a sister project of the “less-ssxy” and*1% of a person’s time equals 1.5 hours based on a national average work-month of 150 hours. Therefore, 1.5 hours of environmental action earns 1.5 hours of ssx. [4%=6hrs] An donation of 1% of a person’s net income to a non-profit environmental organization also earns a person 1.5 hours of ssx.