Senator Leahy and Judge Roberts

Dear Editor, Senator Leahy of Vermont has announced before voting that he will vote for Judge Roberts to be named to the Supreme Court of the United States. Judge Roberts avoided answering many of the questions put to him by the Judicial Committee by saying that he did not want to comment on any cases that may come before the Supreme Court while he is on it. He didn’t mention, nor apparently has Leahy mentioned or asked about Judge Roberts’ involvement with a case he judged as part of an appellate panel. The case regarded the inmates at the Guantanamo facility. After the appellate panel overturned a judge’s verdict that military needs to court-martial the inmates if they are prisoners of war or try them in civilian court if they are not the case was appealed. It was appealed to the Supreme Court where it appears that Judge Roberts will need to rule on whether or not to overturn his own overturning of another judge’s decision. But that’s not all. It doesn’t seem to bother Senator Leahy that Judge Roberts worked closely with the meddling Kenneth Starr. The only reason that Senator Leahy hasn’t spoken about these items must be political. As things go in Washington perhaps the President promised Senator Leahy he would get a more reasonable choice to replace Sandra Day O’Connor. But why is Senator Leahy making a deal about his personal politics? He was voted in to serve Vermont. When the time came for action he caved in.Sincerely,Alfred Brock40047 Cambridge 102 Canton MI [email protected]