Setting the Record Straight

To the Editor: In his article about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Greg Rudolph inaccurately tries to paint me as a supporter of Arafat. He also wrongly states that I support Israeli citizenship for Palestinians. While I find his dismissal of the suffering that imperialism has inflicted on many nations very arrogant, I wouldn’t bother trying to defend these other views he accused me of holding. Suffice it to say that I think both Sharon and Arafat are more interested in personal greed and political glories than the well-being of their own peoples. However, I would be very interested to see Mr. Rudolph justifying Sharon’s support of the colonists to 2/3 of Israeli citizens (Tel-Aviv University survey, Ha’aretz 6/6/2002), almost half of the Knesset and hundreds of Israel’s own ‘refusenik’ soldiers who recognize that only an end to the Occupation will bring Israel true security and democracy. I stand with Gush Shalom, Palestinian Women for Nonviolence, American Council of Judaism, Muslims for Peace and Justice, Amnesty International, all of UN member states and countless others in condemning the violence from both sides and in demanding an end to Sharon’s policies of expanding the illegal colonies at the expense of both Israelis and Palestinians.FaRied IbrahimClass of 2005