Sex Survey Shows Increase In Activity

Feb 6, 2003–In an increase from the CDC’s reported 52% of young adults sexually active prior to age 19 (1), the GenSex Survey, an interactive survey released by Durex(R) reports today that 92% have intercourse by 18. America’s “sex generation” of young adults may have sex earlier, but are they more honest about their sexuality than previous generations? Nope. According to the GenSex Survey, lying tops the list of young adult relationship habits. About 80% of those 18-24 would lie to their sexual partners about … well … almost everything. Fidelity is the number one fib young adults are telling. Only 15% of adults 18-20 and 11% of adults 21-24 would reveal having been unfaithful. On average more women (12%) than men (11%) were likely to tell their partners they’d done the deed with someone else. Says Sari Locker, renowned educator and author, “The GenSex Survey reveals that while adults have sex earlier, many are still lacking the skills for engaging in those difficult discussions about sex, but honest communication in this regard is vital. For successful relationships, young adults should incorporate open dialogue as a basic, and often stimulating, component of their sexual experiences.” Also Topping the Most Lied About List5. Age * 23% of 18-20 year olds and 27% of 21-24 year olds would reveal their true age to their sexual partners.* Males (28%) overall were most likely to lie about age.4. Number of Sexual Partners * 23% of 18-20 year olds and 27% of those 21-24 would reveal how many partners they had bedded.* Males (22%) were least likely to reveal their number of partners3. Sexual Fantasies * 60% of 18-24 year old males fantasize about sex with a celebrity and only 22% would reveal their fantasy to their partner.* 28% of all females surveyed fantasize about lesbian sex and only 19% would reveal their fantasy to their partner.2. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) * Only 17% of males and females 18-24 would reveal having an STD.1. Fidelity* (see above) “As the world’s leading condom brand, it is vital for Durex(R) to keep up with evolving trends in consumer preference when it comes to sexuality and we strive to provide products that match these trends,” said Tonya Cramer, Associate Brand Manager, Durex(R) Consumer Products. “The GenSex Survey’s youth-centric design and delivery helps us capture the voice of young adults and better understand their sexual feelings and experiences.” Other Revelations About GenSex:On Losing Virginity* When asked why they had sex for the first time, women mostly said that they were ready and it felt right (34%) or that they were in love (25%). Another 12% had sex the first time just to get it over with.* Among men, 34% had sex for the first time because they had the chance. Others said that they were ready and it felt right (28%) or that they were in love (20%). On Infidelity* Many women (30%) felt that having sex with someone else constituted infidelity. However, 45% thought infidelity started with just a kiss. * Very few would define flirting (6%), romantic email (5%) or having a drink (1%) with someone other than their partner as infidelity. On Definitions of Sex* Most young men and women (70%) define sex as “intercourse.” However, 23% think that touching is sex. This number increases with age – 36% of 25+ year olds agree. On Contraception* The main method of contraception is condoms (66%), followed by the birth control pill (22%). More men (73%) than women (49%) choose condoms as their main method of contraception, while more women (36%) choose to use the pill. * All college-aged men and women indicated that they would eventually stop using condoms. 25% would stop using a condom when they were married, 25% when they were tested for STD/HIV and 23% said they’d stop in favor of an alternative method of contraception. 15% would stop if they were trying to get pregnant, 7% if he or she were in love and 5% would never use a condom or discontinue after a week * Only 31% of the college-aged students use a constant form of birth control whether or not they are in a relationship. The rest think about buying contraception just before having sex (27%), before starting a new relationship (17%), and 16% use a constant form of birth control in a relationship. 9% never use a condom or discontinue after the first sexual encounter.About the GenSex Survey The GenSex Survey asked adults 18 and older about sexual education, lifestyles and preferences. The survey was commissioned by Durex(R) Consumer Products as part of its 2002 Durex(R) Global Sex Survey. A total of 2,548 men and women were surveyed, with only 300 of the respondents older than 30. Responses to the survey were analyzed by sex, age and relationship status providing a more detailed picture of behavioral differences. Data was collected online.