SGA approves Navigate resolution

SGA has passed a resolution that expresses concern for student privacy regarding the new advising system, Navigate.

The resolution included a request for a settings page in which every student can decide which advising and staff members have access to their profile.

Under the current settings, there are 303 people with staff access, 406 with teaching access and 496 with adviser access. The nearly 500 hundred people with advising access can see information about any UVM student.

The senator behind the resolution, Nick Bouffard, a senior, said students should have a right to choose who can access their information.

“It is student choice in how much access the advisers have when it comes to our academic profiles,” Bouffard said.

Bouffard said SGA remains incredibly uncomfortable with the current state of student records.

The resolution was passed with the hope that the University will make a change, considering that UVM was the first university to bring these concerns to Navigate.

“Currently the Navigate company has said that this is a unique problem and that UVM is the first one to raise these concerns,” Bouffard said. “I find that surprising, honestly, that other universities have not had this issue with all of this.”