SGA approves no increase to student fee


BAILEY SAMBER/The Vermont Cynic

SGA senators sit during a meeting, Nov. 5. After over a thousand people voted in the SGA presidential and vice presidential election March 26, SGA has been forced to restart the election due to an unknown amount of ineligible votes.

After increasing slightly every year in recent memory, SGA voted to increase the student activities fee 0% Nov. 5.

The Peer Advising Center was funded by SGA but will no longer be funded, and the money left over from the cut will be used to offset the activities fee in the future, said senior Olivia Machanic, chair of the Finance Committee.

“[The Peer Advising Center] didn’t use all the money that was given to them over the course of our payment process,” Machanic said. “So we just have this money that we don’t want to put it to waste. So I think it’s best to assist all students with that.”

The student activity fee used to increase a small percentage each year, usually no more than 5%, Machanic said.

“Our goal is to go roughly four to five years without increasing it because of the amount of money we have left over,” Machanic said. “But it might be slightly less depending on how many students there are. We have an increase in enrollment of 1,000 students this year across campus.”

Undergraduate students taking four to 11.5 credits are charged an SGA fee, according to Student Financial Services.

“We’re just really passionate about this in this effort,” Machanic said. “And I feel like if we can start it here and this government office, then hopefully others across campus and other departments would be willing to do the same.”

For fiscal year 2019, the comprehensive SGA fee was set at $214, according to the May 2019 board of trustees board book.

For fiscal year 2020, the comprehensive SGA fee was $222 dollars, according to the May 2019 board of trustees board book.

The fee will remain at $222 if the board of trustees approves the move by SGA in May 2020.