SGA candidate White drops out, Golfarini jumps in

A new candidate announced his intent to run for the president of the Student Government Association while another dropped out of the race. Former SGA Senator Julian Golfarini said that he would be running for president of SGA on Feb. 28 and SGA Senator Michael White decided to no longer campaign for the position as of March 4. “I want to bring fresh ideas to SGA,” Golfarini said. “My top concern is to take our voice, the student voice, to the administration.” Golfarini said he wants to make SGA the group that students can go to, to voice their opinions about how to make UVM better for students. “Right now the SGA acts as its own entity with little or no influence from the student body,” he said. Golfarini said that if he is elected, he will make sure these changes happen and that students are always the priority. “I will transform the way SGA works by prioritizing student needs above petty internal politics,” he said. He hopes that UVM will become a place where students voice their concerns about their student government because they know it will be heard, Golfarini said. “We the students are the University, and it’s time for our voice to be heard,” he said. On the other hand, not every candidate feels that the presidency is the best way to serve the student body. “I think my skill set would be more useful in an office other than the presidency,” White said. White said he pulled out of the race because he spent too much time thinking about how to get elected than doing his job as a senator. “I’d rather be a man with a purpose than a man with a title,” he said. Other members of the SGA said they are not worried about the change of candidates. “There are lots of changes that go on before an election,” SGA Vice President David Maciewicz said.