With the semester winding down, SGA President elect Jay Taylor and Vice-President elect Josh Miller have been working hard to prepare for next year. Taylor and Miller have spent the past couple weeks interviewing candidates for top SGA positions, Taylor said. Each committee requires a chair. Applicants apply and are then interviewed by both Taylor and Miller as well as Blanka Caha, the business and accounting specialist for SGA. Ben Porter has been unanimously selected as treasurer by Taylor, Miller and Blanca, out of 12 original applicants. The decision will need to be approved by the senate at the next meeting, Taylor said.Porter formerly worked with Alternative Spring Break, and Taylor stated that his experience with a financially successful club was important to his choice.This year was the first year that the Committee on Diversity and Environmental Ethics existed. While the committee got off to a rocky start, Taylor said that it has really improved towards the end of the year. “There are many students who don’t feel that SGA represents them,” said Taylor. He said that he hopes that next year CODEE will change that. Emma Kennedy will be the chair of the CODEE. In addition, Steele Taylor will chair Academic Affairs, Drew Sander will chair the Student Activities Committee, Lauren Abda will take Taylor’s former position as chair of the Student Action Committee, Ryan Krodel will chair the Public Relations Committee, Chris Shackett will chair Committee on Legislative Action and Kevin Issadore will chair the Finance Committee. Taylor said that sometimes there are problems with SGA clubs because after recognition or de-recognizition there is no follow up. Kevin Issadore would make sure that every club would have a liaison that they could easily get in touch with. In addition to preparing positions for his term, Taylor has also been working closely to learn to the position of president with current SGA president Kesha Ram as Miller has been with current Vice President Davaughn Vincent Bryan. “DaVaughn and Kesha have are going out of their way to prepare Josh and I,” he said.Who will be the speaker?Current SGA Speaker of the House Mike Glynne lost the presidential election to Jay Taylor. The speaker of the house is nominated by the SGA president and is voted on by the Senate. Glynne has asked Taylor to nominate him so that he can renew his position, however two others have done the same. Glynne will swear in the new senators at Tuesday’s meeting and the Senate will vote on the speaker next Tuesday. Taylor said that he and vice president elect Miller will not endorse any nominee because the speaker’s role is to work for the Senate and they want the senate to make its own choice.