SGA constitution sees revision

Over the summer, a group of Student Government Association (SGA) senators and Constitution Committee members worked together to amend the SGA Constitution.The three-month process produced a constitution that the members of the SGA hope will be more clear for the UVM community.Senate Speaker Ana Dru Ellis said that one of the goals of the new constitution was to more plainly state the SGA members’ responsibilities and clarify what they are held accountable for.   Both Ellis and President Bryce Jones found the new process to be more effective because of the opportunity to start the year with a clear definition of what the SGA is held accountable for.    “Everyone now knows the rules,” Ellis said.This year’s approach to amending the constitution differed from years past.  According toEllis, the process had previously been both condensed into one meeting and spread out over an entire year.Ellis said a lot more time was put into researching other constitutions prior to amending to determine exactly what they wanted UVM’s new SGA constitution to look like.By making the rules clear, both SGA staff and students know exactly how the SGA works and the processes involved in the organization.”It makes it easier for students to know what route to take when they need to be heard,” Jones said.The new constitution can be found on the SGA website.