SGA Election Brief

Unprecedented in recent memory, the closing of elections yesterday brought a crop of fresh blood to the SGA senate. Most notably, all 26 students running under the ECO coalition’s platform were elected; 23 out of those 26 elected senators being new to the SGA.The eleven of those elected who were not a part of the ECO coalition were incumbents already holding senate seats, with the exception of sophomore Joseph Adams, who had officially allied with the ECO coalition, but had not run as a part of the 26-member coalition.Former SGA president and vice presidential candidates Kevin Issadore and Amanda Wong, respectively, were among the total of 13 senate incumbents to retain their seats.  And thus is introduced the new face of the SGA, which, inclusive of the five seats reserved for incoming freshman that will be filled in the fall, will be composed of 29 students new to the SGA senate, made up of 42 seats.