SGA holds financial workshop

Over the last two weeks, representatives from many of nearly 150 clubs and organizations attended SGA budget workshops to learn how to manage the clubs finances.The workshop, led by SGA Business Manager Blanka Caha and SGA Treasurer Hannah LeMieux, aimed to provide an overview of budget processes, loans and other fiscal transactions relevant to maintaining a positive relationship with the school.Each club representative attending the workshop, received a packet of information including specifics of the club’s total budget. While the budgets were determined in the spring, attendees had the opportunity ask questions of the SGA.In order to accept the provided funds, originally decided upon by the SGA senate, two authorized representatives of each club had to log into “The Lynx.”LeMieux said that the majority of questions dealt with procedural issues, such as logging into “The Lynx,” and where forms are located. “The process is a little tricky,” LeMieux said.There are some  club representatives that are coming in that have been taught by past treasurers, LeMieux said. “There are others coming in completely brand new and have no idea how anything works.”