SGA hopes students will connect with ‘The Lynx’

The Student Government Association is promoting “The Lynx,” a new Web site, which they hope will allow students to more easily connect with activities on campus.”The Lynx is a really exciting thing for me,” Student Government Association (SGA) Student Activities Chair Drew Sander said.Over the summer, Sander served on the team that worked to develop The Lynx. He is currently the Chair of The Lynx Action Team and sits as Vice-Chair of The Lynx Advisory Group.”Basically, The Lynx is designed as an administrative, IT and networking tool for student organizations,” Sander said. “We have over 100 clubs and 2000 students signed up on The Lynx.”Sander said The Lynx allows clubs to consolidate Web pages, list serves, membership rosters, forms, and other functions into an easy-to-use online system. It also allows clubs to connect to other clubs and utilizes discussion forums, surveys, schedules, elections and post events on an online bulletin board and calendar.”It allows us to run secure online elections that are easy for students to vote in,” Sander said. “We can also track involvement of specific members, to help people develop resumés and help with awards.”Students can log on and look up clubs they are interested in joining, contact club leaders, view upcoming club events, read discussions, look at the overall purposes and activities of clubs and discover the vast array of opportunities they have access to through student organizations.”All of the SGA clubs are using it at least in some capacity, and many other student organizations have joined in,” SGA president Jay Taylor said in an e-mail.”We are working with orientation so that incoming students can look up clubs they might want to join and get a solid idea of what the club is doing,” Sander said. “They can e-mail the leaders of the club, and do it all in one database that is easy to use.””Initially I didn’t know about ‘The Lynx,'” freshman Francesca Minervini said. “After I checked it out, I realized what a helpful tool it would be, especially during freshman orientation.””The name ‘The Lynx’ was chosen because it flows with the general cat theme of UVM, but also this system ‘links’ organizations together and students at large to organizations,” Sander said. “We all thought it was clever.”