SGA is on Facebook

Want another friend on Facebook? The Student Government Association (SGA) has started to use social networking to reach out to students.  “UVM SGA on Facebook has 341 friends so far, and still counting,” SGA Public Relations Committee Chair Nicholas Monteforte said. “In the past we have tried SGA Groups and fan pages, but that never seemed to really work,” Monteforte said. “This year we went ahead and are in the process of trying to use Facebook as a friend.” The page is busy with pictures, videos, new friends, status updates and comments. “What I hope to see with this new strategy is an increased reach on campus about what our organization does and how we aim to help students,” SGA President Kofi Mensah said. In addition to educating students on the subject of the SGA, the Facebook page is also intended to be a place where students can direct their own questions, Monteforte said. “So far, it has been working great, but we still need to advertise it more and get more friends,” he said. “It’s still in its beginning stages but we’re optimistic about what will happen.” Through this, SGA hopes to connect what happens on the Facebook page to Twitter and The Lynx, Monteforte said.