SGA recap for Oct. 13

Correction: The Cynic reported that the the curfew was a proposal, when it has not been officially proposed to the Assembly. Also, Ward 6 does is not the Old North End, as was stated in the article.Student Government Association (SGA) Senator Mike Glynne said that the Ward 6 committee discussed a instituting a curfew on residents living in Redstone Campus and the surrounding area.At this point, the curfew is one of several considerations being discussed by the Assembly to curb loud and rowdy behavior. The idea has not been brought forth as an official proposal, Glynne said. The SGA also unanimously passed a bill derecognizing the Economics Club, as it is no longer functioning and has failed to maintain regular contact with the SGA.”We don’t derecognize as part of a sanction,” Claire Chevrier, chair of Student Activities Committee (SAC), said. “Just if they no longer exist.”The SGA also voted to appoint two new senators, senior Shanna Shushereba and freshman Nick Monteforte.Monteforte will be serving on the public relations committee.Shushereba, who describes herself as a very nontraditional student, is a single mother and Air Force veteran of seven years.  She will be serving on the Committee on Legislative Action (COLA).