SGA senators chosen

The Student Government Association’s (SGA) polls closed last Thursday, naming five new first-year senators.The five positions of the 42-person senate were set aside, as they are every spring, for fall’s incoming class.Throughout the two-day election, 473 voters, freshman to senior, logged onto the SGA website and selected five candidates of the 20.Tram Tran received 103 votes, giving her a margin of almost 20 votes above other candidates. Following Tran, Brandon John-Freso ended with 85 votes, Courtney Robinson with 82 votes, Ali Sadeghi with 76 and German Vivas with 71.The winners come from a variety of backgrounds including class presidents,  SGA treasurers, sports captains, as well as leaders of volunteer oranizations.Katie Rifken, SGA chair of public relations said she was pleased with the enthusiasm and energy of the first-year students throughout the entire process.”It was a great time meeting them all … encouraging first years to get involved,” Rifken said. “It was great seeing reciprocation for our efforts,” she said.Originally, nearly 80 participants expressed interest in SGA by obtaining the necessary paperwork, however, only 20 candidates ended up collecting enough signatures to secure their name on the ballot.Currently, the five new elects only serve in the senate, but in the next few weeks, they’ll get assigned a position in one of the five open committees, based on their academic and overall interests, SGA President Bryce Jones said.Jones also said that there are two    on-campus appointment spots still open. In order to be eligible for these, students will need to fill out an online application, which will be evaluated by the executive committee as well as the president and vice president.As of Friday, two of the new elects already confirmed that they would be attending the SGA’s annual retreat that was held this weekend.