SGA to air on UVMtv

Whether you’re looking for some lunch-hour entertainment or to learn more about what the Student Government Association (SGA) does on campus, UVMtv has got you covered. UVMtv and the SGA have teamed up to present, “Wednesdays at Brennan’s,” a show at noon during which SGA senators talk about campus happenings and answer questions from students. SGA President Kofi Mensah said that he hopes that starting the term off with the show will help students learn about what the SGA does on campus. “One of my main, central focuses this term is letting them know who we are, and increasing communication between SGA and the student body,” Mensah said. UVMtv President Alex Nenopoulos, Mensah and SGA Public Relations Chair Nick Monteforte said that they agree that this broadcast will be a good way to bridge the gap between students and the SGA. “We really want to get across what SGA does and what it is,” Monteforte said. “We have a meeting every week, manage over 150 organizations, and have a ton of boards. I don’t know if students know about all we do.” On the technological side, UVMtv already has the setup to broadcast from Brennan’s, Nenopoulos said. The first broadcast took place on Sept. 8 and will continue each week. “That was my goal,” Nenopoulos said. “I wanted to do it.” During the first session, Mensah and SGA Vice President David Maciewicz discussed some of the current issues in the SGA and answered six or seven student questions. Various senators will rotate in each week, Mensah said. “The great part about it was that the students in Brennan’s were interested in what SGA had to say and they had questions for them, concerns about the campus,” Nenopoulos said. “There are issues that want to be heard, and this is a step towards getting there.” First year Lisa Baldinger said that she likes the idea of the show, but viewing it does not fit in with her class schedule. “I hope they can have it online to watch at other times, or have a way to propose questions in advance that will be answered on the show,” Baldinger said. The hope is that the show will become a resource for students, be well-attended at Brennan’s and viewed on television or streaming live on the Internet, Monteforte said. UVMtv is broadcasted on channel 12, as well as on “Keep watching!” Nenopoulos said.