SGA votes “no” for voter transparency

At the Student Government Association (SGA) meeting last week, a resolution to mandate voter transparency on all SGA decisions was voted down. With voter transparency, the names and voting positions of all senators will be recorded instead of the traditional numerical counting, SGA senator David Maciewicz said.There have been problems in the past when certain senators’ votes were publicized. Notably, a student defaced the Living and Learning complex with graffiti against senator Michael Glynn last fall after he voted down legislation banning the Red Cross from campus. Because of this, many senators are hesitant to publicize every vote. “I think this would only hurt more than help,” SGA senator James Candon said. However, other senators felt it would be beneficial for the public to know which way each senator votes.”I feel senators should be responsible for the way they vote,” SGA Student Activities Chair Dave Sander said. “If you have a conflict of interest, then you should abstain.”Because SGA senators are voted into office, Sander believes what a senator votes for should be shown. “I can read your bio, but how did you vote?” Sander said. Although mandatory voter transparency was voted down, having this transparency is still an option. “Two senators must introduce a ‘motion to use voting transparency,’ which then requires approval of the senate before the vote can be conducted in that manner,” Maciewicz said.