Should He Stay or Should He Go?

Foley: Has anyone noticed of late that the UVM hockey team has lost some of its luster? A team that used to be a powerhouse is now lucky to reach double digit wins. The question must be asked, is it time for a new head coach? And the answer is in the team’s record the last four years. Casey: I don’t think that replacing Coach Gilligan is the answer to UVM’s hockey problems of late. The program as a whole needs to be rebuilt; after the 99-00 hazing debacle, UVM hockey took a hit, and the team’s record reflects that. We lost some talent and recruiting power as a result of that season. F: I agree that the team did take a hit from the hazing scandal but in part that was also Gilligan’s fault. You must have some control over your team and you can’t tell me that he had no idea about it. That would be like you saying you had no idea about the porn hidden under your bed. A key component to having a good college team is recruiting and with the talent that has come in of late it is easy to see that Gilligan has had trouble landing the big recruits. C: Easy Killer, lets not bring semantics into this little argument.Anyways, the fact of the matter is that Coach Gilligan is a proven winner. When I’m sitting in the Gut, I don’t see all that many ECAC titles. Gilligan won one in ’96. What do you think about that, sally? F: I think you’re living in the past a little bit. In ’96 we went to the Frozen Four with basically a two man team. The game has passed Gilligan by; his strategy of dumping the puck in the zone and changing it up is not a good offensive strategy no matter what your boyfriend tells you. All I ask is to see our team bring the puck into the zone and try to score. Is that too much to ask? C: Look, even with his conservative strategy, Gilligan has managed to score a lot more than you have in four years of college. There is a reason that, no matter what kind of talent UVM has, every team bringstheir A game. UVM hockey demands respect in the NCAA, and that was earned by Coach Gilligan. F: The only respect they get from other teams is the ability to do superior hazing. I think I saw the team from Harvard beat them last year while doing their quantum physics on the bench. As for being conservative, how many times has a team won without scoring?C: Just because you are all down in the dumps because you drafted Kurt Warner in the first round of the fantasy football draft doesn’t mean that you have to take it out on me and Coach Gilligan. When I watch a UVM hockey game, the team always looks well-coached and plays sound defense. F: The only type of defense the team played last year was by the starting goalie. We do need this team to open up more and I do think we have the talent to have a powerful offense. But until we actually carry the puck into the zone it looks to be another year of watching the bouncing puck and hoping it doesn’t wind up in our net.