Sigma Phi Epsilon Reinstated Into Vermont Gamma Chapter

The following is a press release sent by the brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Look for more Greek Life stories and other Student Life info in the upcoming Student Life section to be introduced Jan. 2003.

On Nov. 16, the brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon were reinstated into Vermont Gamma.

In August of 1997, 12 young men from this university were approached by SigEp National Headquarters to recolonize UVM.

In 1997, there were 12 members of the Sigma Epsilon Chapter and now in 2002, there are 52 brothers of the new Sigma Phi Epsilon Vermont Gamma Chapter

The Chartering Banquet took place at the Radisson Hotel in Burlington where over 150 people were in attendance.

Brothers of SigEp, both current and Alumni, families, members of the UVM Greek System, the Greek Life Directors, and members of the National SigEp Office were all in attendance.

This evening marked a new hope and direction for SigEp, now looked at by the entire country as a full fledged fraternity, the Vermont Gamma Chapter of SigEp is growing with much strength and motivation.

Under the current leadership of Jason Meyersburg, the Sigma Phi Epsilon Vermont Gamma Chapter will be making leaps and bounds to help strengthen the Greek System at UVM and to provide a balanced man for the future.

The Vermont Gamma Chapter is an active member of the UVM community.

SigEp has always been an active team in the Intramural Sports department.

This year we won 1st Place for Broomball and are heading for best all around team at UVM.

Academically, the University of Vermont Sigma Epsilon Chapter has several scholars.

Our Chapter has Vermont Scholars, Presidential Scholars, and Balanced Man Scholars within our brotherhood.

There are SigEp brothers in the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and the Order of Omega, the Greek Honor Society.

With strong scholars, SigEp will help pave the wave for scholarly activity in the future.

The Chapter has infiltrated UVM in many activities and organizations.

We have brothers representing the student body in the Student Government Association and as President of the Student Government Association.

There are brothers in our community service organizations like Volunteers in Actions, as Big Buddies, feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, and participating in school wide community serv-a-thons.

Many of our brothers are involved in the Business school, and involved in the unique clubs that are offered in the school.

There are President and Vice Presidents of clubs, Treasurers, and active members.

SigEps are Advocats, RA’s, and Orientation Leaders.

There is representation on the Fraternity Managers Association with the President of the Board being a SigEp.

In the past SigEps have collaboratively and individually starred and produced productions for the UVM Theater.

All of the brothers of the Vermont Gamma Chapter of SigEp are involved in some extra curricular activity.

To list them all and the impact of the University would take a novel.

SigEp has and always will come together, no matter what, for the betterment of the Fraternity.

-The brothers of SigEp