Silent Mind begins their residency at Nectar’s

Jamie Bright has a story to tell. The lead singer and guitarist for Burlington-based rock trio Silent Mind has been around in the music business – he’s played with regional acts like Tony C. and The Truth, and opened for Sugar Ray. But as the young newcomer in those acts, Bright said he often found himself a scapegoat for the bands’ problems. Instead of existing as an expendable entity in someone else’s project, Bright decided to forge something on his own. His band’s name describes their mission to provide the audience with “a euphoric mental state where problems disappear and the only thing that matters is making the next moment as good as the last” Bright said. Bright and his band mates – drummer Jay Baskowski and bassist Josh Cleaver (a new addition to the lineup) are passionate about enjoying themselves onstage and pass this vibe on to their audience. Self-defined as “collage rock,” their music is a blend of late ’60s and early ’70s classic rock and contemporary styles that defy easy categorization. During their two hours onstage at Nectar’s, elements of a diverse array of artists including 311, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam and Slightly Stoopid could be heard. A former student at the Berklee School of Music in Boston, Bright eschews too much association with the school. “Music can become stale at Berklee,” Bright said. “You learn the technical aspects there and re-learn them when you graduate.” Surrounded by musicians during his Berklee years, Bright reconnected with the public at large after graduating. “Something like five percent of people are musicians,” Bright said. “Ultimately, your audience is the other 95 percent, who aren’t caught up in the technical critique and categorization over which critics obsess.” Here to stay in Burlington, Bright feels unity is lacking in the local music community. “The city has the potential to be the Seattle of the early 90’s,” Bright says, “but too many acts here compete rather than complement each other. People at the Farmer’s Market don’t sell more carrots by shitting on carrots in the next tent over.” Bright’s skills on the guitar are impressive; his authoritative pick and dexterous action on the frets bring to mind front men like Anthony Kiedis. Champlain grad Jay Baskowski holds it down nicely on the drums, and Josh Cleave supplies a solid bass line. Dressed in jeans, a black tank top and sporting a tan fedora, Bright’s energetic stage presence quickly got the crowd moving. In addition to playing songs from their debut album, “2012 Here We Come,” Silent Mind covered songs from artists like the Beatles, Nirvana, and Pearl Jam in their own distinctive style. Catch one of their upcoming shows at Nectar’s – Bright and his crew will be playing there every Wednesday night until the end of October. And no, you don’t have to be twenty-one for a piece of the fun.