solar panels

I loved the article by Bree Lippencott. However, it left us all hanging. Inquiring minds want to know – does it power the G4, is the user a closet CON ED junky to recharge the cell, and what’s the dude’s web site address…??? Is the cynic afraid of giving out free advertizing here? Now, as far as cost analysis goes, even a short article could mention that standard engineering practice for this kind of thing is to calculate a simple cost recovery projection, i.e., how long will it take to pay for the equipment with the money saved using it. So maybe the real question to ask is “Will it off-set UVM tuition for the ’10-year plan'”. And though Ross N. sounds like a super nerd, I bet he’s actually really cool if not motivated. So be nice to him because you just may be calling him “Boss” someday. Dr.BobP.S. – Can the Cynic please get up-to-speed with technology and add e-mail links for your authors? It would be so much nicer to be able to heckle you guys mono a mono ๐Ÿ˜‰