Dear Editor, I am submitting my letter again to you because I wanted to get a comfirmation that I had sent it for my english class. I know I sent it two weeks ago, but thank you again. The Untold truth about Sororities Some students say being in a sorority is like buying your friends. Well, I guess I was unaware I could be bought, or I could buy my friends. It is sad to think some students would think this, but why should we put it past them. They only get to see the outside view. Sororities represent nationally-known organizations, which are known as Fraternitys for Women. If some of you think we are similar to Sorority Life on MTV, I hate to burst your bubble. What we represent is conveyed through our philanthropy events and visions workshops each of our chapters sponsor. Did you know some of these so-called “sororities” have raised over ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS for certain charities such as Breast Cancer and Childhood Diabetes? Some have even sponsored haunted houses, and carnivals for the DREAM Foundation, and City Kids. Do we end up reading these good deeds in the newspapers? NO! We only hear about the fraternity party that got busted over the weekend. These good deeds go unnoticed because the newspapers only convey the superficial side of Greek Life rather than the real support we give to our community. The view most get is biased, and I don’t like it! Who decided Greeks were the easy targets, or the wiping “boys” for the students? Just a couple weeks ago there was an article talking about the portrayal of sororities on campus. If one were to try to understand Greek life, they would find out it may be social, but most of us get our shit done. Why not ask a Greek about what “sorority life” is all about? This would stop the bias view about “sororities,” and maybe students wouldn’t see the superficial view of Fraternities for Women; they would see the real deal. Lindsay Poindexter 2005