Soul of UVM’ lost

  As more than one hundred demonstrators stood up to what they perceive to be corporate greed in the administration, the Waterman Building became the official site for a funeral service mourning the “soul of UVM” on Nov. 2.   The protestors marched to the fourth floor of the Waterman Building, where some administrative offices are located, and then moved to the Occupy Burlington encampment in Burlington’s City Hall Park.   The participants staged a mock funeral for the University that coincided with Mexico’s Day of the Dead and support for Occupy Oakland.   “UVM is a microcosm of society, where there is economic inequality and poor priorities,” said English Professor Helen Scott. “The call for the day of action is for the right to peacefully assemble.”   Chants of  “Banks got bailed out, we got sold out!” and “Fogel got bailed out, we got sold out!” could be heard as the demonstration, largely made up of students, marched from Bailey/Howe to Waterman, according to the Burlington Free Press.   United Academics, Occupy Burlington and the Burlington chapter of the International Socialist Organization (ISO) organized the march to oppose administrative corruption, budget cuts, tuition increases and to stand in solidarity with participants of Occupy Oakland, according to the Burlington Free Press.   The support for Occupy Oakland came from an incident that occurred on Oct. 25 in Oakland, California when violent confrontations with the police caused Scott Olsen, a demonstrator and Iraq War veteran, to be seriously injured by a projectile object that hit him in the head, according to   Several posters and websites promoting this march and rally urged protestors to “wear your mourning clothes” and “dress in black”.   Many protestors wore paper masks or skulls. Spanish professor Tina Escaja read a eulogy for the “soul of UVM” in Spanish that was then translated into English, the article stated.   The demonstration then proceeded from Waterman to Burlington City Hall Park by way of Main Street, which Burlington police cleared by halting traffic at several intersections, according to the Burlington Free Press.   One demonstrator voiced the sentiment of many students who attended the march.    “Our money funds the school, so we as students have the responsibility of standing up against the administration to let them know when we are appalled at the decisions they make,” said Nina Gage, a first-year who attended the rally.   The students and faculty must stand up against the corporation they are forming, Gage said.   “We have to save UVM for future students,” she said.   Alex Buckingham, a senior who also participated in the protest, agreed.   “The connections here are quite clear,” Buckingham said. “The staff, workers and students are the ones that create UVM and produce the nature of the university. At the same time, there is clearly a one percent that they are exploiting.”