Spiro-Winn Wrong On Iraq

Jeremy Standish Spiro-Winn leaves out one important fact in his anti-American rant: The vast majority of killings in this war are being done by Islamo fascist terrorists and criminal gangs, which far outweigh any death and destruction done by American and Coalition forces. It is these groups, composed of both Sunnis and Shiites, supplied and trained by Al Qaeda, Syria, and Iran, that must be confronted and defeated by our troops. These troops are being sent defeatist, even treasonous signals from too many back home, people like Jeremy. Would he favor the victory of these terrorists in Iraq? I have never heard people like him say they want our forces to win over there, so that must be the case. Everyone wants the troops to “come home”, but unlike Jeremy, I want them to win first, and to be given whatever time and support is nessesary to get the job done to acheive that victory.