Spookie Daly Pride: Please Pass the Cheese

“Marshmallow Pie,” Spookie Daly Pride’s debut CD, is more of an initiation into the eccentric jam band scene than a memorable studio album. The freedom to improvise and the spirited energy of live shows can be the antithesis of recorded sound. It seems that Spookie Daly Pride is aware of such a phenomenon. The disc does present strong foundations from which their live shows can grow. “Karma Thunderbolt,” the CD’s opening track, bursts with an upbeat rhythm that is carried by the rugged, edgy vocals of Spookie Daly. The song’s oddly placed keyboards are reminiscent of a pre-recorded demonstration tune on an old Casio, but its catchy melody is infectious. Other tracks like “Marshmallow Pie” and “Holy Rubbertramps” have an interesting similarity: they both contain made-up words in their lyrics. The swingy “Marshmallow Pie” mentions a “dingledotty.” The U2-esque tempo and vocals of “Holy Rubbertramps” mention (are you ready?) “rubbertramps.” Fortunately, that track’s hummable qualities are followed by the sweetly cliched lyrics, “All that we want is what we are/Cause all that we need is in our soul.” Although the lyrics are not psychoanalysis-worthy, the entire CD evokes a positive, buoyant mood in the listener. A little Louie Prima, Smash Mouth and Sublime can also be detected in the tracks “Pleasure Appointment” and “Happy Happy.” Their potentially one-dimensional sound is deterred by sharp horns and snazzy back-up vocals, which add a texture of rich audibility to a majority of the tracks. On March 6, 2002, Spookie Daly Pride will be performing an 18+ show at the Higher Ground. There, you may be privy to “dingledotties,” “rubbertramps” and the song “Coffee and Pot.” That should be enough to get your booty to their doorstep. Come bop and jump around to the spicy live show of Spookie Daly Pride.